Happy Social Media Day


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]T[/dropcap]he calendar often brings us weird and quirky holidays to celebrate. The best day of all, Social Media Day!

Come on, don’t pretend you shun social media when all you do is snoop on Instagram to see what so and so is doing… It’s okay, we don’t judge here.

From Facebook to Pinterest what’s there not to love about social media.

So if someone calls you rude for being online today, explain to them that you’re taking full advantage of Social Media Day.

Here are some of our favourite people that we love to follow online:

Roxy Burger- TV personality

Gareth Cliff – DJ and Idols SA judge


Boity Thulo- actress


President Barack Obama- US President


Kamini Pather- MasterChef SA S2 winner and Girl Eats World star

Maps Maponyane- Actor and model


Kelly Fung- Marie Claire SA, Fashion and Beauty Editor

Anda-pants 👉

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Who do you enjoy following on social media?



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