Telemundo event launch in SA

I had the pleasure of interviewing Telemundo’s telenovela stars before the channel’s launch on Monday 12 August on DStv’s channel 118.

The actor and actresses were gorgeous. Photos don’t do them any justice. I was blown away at how friendly and warm they were throughout the interview and even afterwards.

It was easy to chat to Angelica Celaya and her fiancé Rafal Amaya as they expressed their love for the Beatles and for South Africa’s wildlife.

Angelica and Rafal during their interview

I was hesitant to meet Aylin Mujica. She’s known to play the villainess in Telemundo’s Aurora that I wondered if her on-screen persona would make her to be a diva to work with. I was amazed at how friendly and sweet she was. Aylin is a positive woman and mother. She expressed the love and commitment she has for her children.

In celebration of the channel’s launch the PR team invited celebrities and media people to preview the Telemundo’s telenovelas and meet the stars.

I had my taste of the paparazzi as I walked the red carpet into the event at Movida. I laughed and shyly walked away as they shouted “Lee Ann, Lee Ann”, “Do you think you’ll feature on this year on FHM’s 100 sexiest women’s list?” I think Lee Ann Liebenberg is a beautiful woman and I’m a fan of her. I just don’t think I look like her in the slightest. Moving on!

Soon afterwards the people of the hour arrived on the red carpet. I could see people’s jaws drop as they saw the beautiful telenovela stars.

First it was Aylin Mujica and her Aurora co-star Jorge Luis Pila on the red carpet to be interviewed by 2011 Big Brother Africa‘s contestant Weza Solange.

Aylin and Jorge were first on the red carpet.
Aylin and Jorge were first on the red carpet.

Following them was Behind Closed Doors’ stars David Chocarro and Catherine Siachoque. The ladies couldn’t get enough of David.

Catherine Siachoque and David Chocarro smiled for the cameras
Catherine Siachoque and David Chocarro smiled for the cameras

The happily engaged couple Angelica Celaya and her fiancé Rafal Amaya only had eyes for each other as they posed for the cameras.

Weza Solange interviewing Rafal and Angelica
Weza Solange interviewing Rafal and Angelica

I caught funnyman Trevor Gumbi and the bubbly Roxy Burger being playful on the red carpet.

Roxy Burger and Trevor Gumbi were playful for the cameras.

Roxy was excited to chat about her new gig on MTV’s new brand show MTV Choice as a co-host with Sade Giliberti. The show is set to air in late August on MTV.

Soon afterwards we were trying our best to pronounce tele-nov-ela in a Hispanic accent as Colin McLeod, the Managing Director Emerging Market for Universal Networks International (yes that’s his job title) presented Telemundo to us.

So before you snort and roll your eyes at telenovelas, first tune in to Telemundo from Monday 12 August. Perhaps you’ll soon be glued to Telemundo and say “Days of our… what?!”.

There’ll be no need for daytime soapies.

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