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Katy Perry is showing that she isn’t a girl to mess around with. Perhaps the message is to her ex-husband Russell Brand who continues to make to refer to their bad sex life in his comedy stint.

Even Katy’s beau John Mayer is furious with Russell and wants to him stop it.

You’d think that Russell would just let the past go, since he was the one who filed for divorce in December 2011.

Regardless of what Russell has to say, Katy Perry is one fierce lady.

In her latest perfume ad for Killer Queen, Katy is strapped tight in a corset, resembling a bored Marie Antoinette lookalike.

Katy, never one for sticking to the rules, breaks free of her restricting attire and takes the throne. She looks as a gorgeous as ever.

Her long jet black glossy hair and striking blue eyes had me amazed at her beauty.

She’s definitely a woman not to mess with!

Perfume ads aside, Katy’s newest song ROAR is climbing the charts around the world. It’s currently number 2 on South Africa’s iTunes list, beating Lady Gaga’s Applause at number 7.

I’m loving Katy’s new song and think it shows her strength and kick-ass attitude.

I saw her music video for the very first time today and love how animated Katy’s made it.

It’s filmed from Katy’s point of view. You see her noticeable tattoos as she chats away the lyrics of her song with her friends on her iPhone.

I think her ex Russell Brand should take a hint and leave the feisty Katy Perry alone. As she sings, “I’ve got the eye of the tiger, a fighter. Dancing through the fire ‘cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear ROAAARRR!”.

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