2015 MTV VMA Arrival Carpet Misses

The MTV Video Music Awards always has tongues wagging as one of the laid-back, coolest yet edgy awards shows.

What a better way to have people talking about the MTV VMAs than having the queen of tongue-wagging, Miley Cyrus.

With Smiley Miley as the host, she was definitely the host with the most (revealed skin).

Regardless, Miley looks hot and it seems it’s only Miley that can pull off her MTV VMA looks.

Let’s kick off the 2015 MTV VMA Red Carpet Misses:

Miley Cyrus

Image by Getty
Image by Getty

Miley tops the list worst dressed list not because the lack of her clothing, that is completed expected here. I’m fining her for those fugly looking boots!

Seriously, I think a pair of metallic heels would fair best for this occasion. These things belongs in the wardrobe department of Mars Attack.  

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna

Image by Getty.


These two are being fined for the message that they’re portraying on their clothing. As if women don’t get enough flak already in the world with gender inequality and everything that goes along with it.

Having “bitch, slut, hoe, gold digger” on their outfits only shows that it makes it alright for another woman to use these words on another woman. Men follow suit and do the same. Both of these ladies are guilty of using these words on social media to other women.

Not cool! Moving along now!

Karlie Kloss

Image by Getty.


Karlie, Karlie, Karlie…

I don’t care if this dress is by Louis Vuitton for one reason alone…It looks BORING! Don’t get me wrong, I love Louis Vuitton by this just didn’t work.

Model or not, it looks like a homemade dress and then the flat sandals… Well, it looks like she’s going to some casual shindig where nobody would care what she’d wear.

Nick Jonas 

Image by Getty
Image by Getty

Looking at this Versace ensemble, I aint jealous about it nor would I think anybody would be by looking at his pants.

Leather pants= sweat

Litres and litres of sweat!

He should of skipped the leather pants and opted for denim jeans instead.

Selena Gomez

Image by Getty
Image by Getty

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with a “p”.

Can you guess it? Pasty!

Yes I’m talking about her nipple pasty. It keeps staring me in the eye, I have no idea where to look.

Besides that, I’m rather disappointed with Selena’s Calvin Klein dress, there’s nothing fun or sexy about it.

This list could be much longer, but I’m cutting it there for now. Who do you think was a red carpet miss at the MTV VMA’s?

Sound off in the comments section while the 2015 MTV VMA  Red Carpet Hits will be out soon.



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