Easter Guide 2017

In between the public holidays, work, and just life, maybe you feel that Easter snuck up on you.

There’s no need to rush about finding the perfect Easter treat for the family. Thanks to Woolworths, they have you covered.

So go fill up on your Easter treats and stock up for the Easter Bunny’s visit.

1. Egg Holder and Spoon, R49.99 each.

2. Milk Chocolate Lolly, R16.99 each.

3. Wooden Stacking Bunny Toy, R99.99.

4. Bunny Biscuit, R16.99.

5. Lambert Easter Friend, R149.99

6. Bunny Mug, R99.99

7. Finger Puppet with Milk Chocolate Eggs, R49.99

I wish all my Christian readers a blessed Easter.

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