Current Obsession: Main Bedroom Makeover

A main bedroom is meant to be your safe space to relax and unwind. Unfortunately, I feel that my main bedroom is the only room in the house that I’ve neglected.

Every other living space has been updated a few times over the years, whereas the main bedroom has suffered a bit.

So over the next coming months, I’m looking forward to finally updating the main bedroom.

I love a simple neutral palette that can easily transition from summer to winter trends. By keeping the base colour white and grey, it’s easy to add other complimentary colours. For winter, I’m imagining charcoal accents with dusty pink finishes.

I do love the clean lines and simplicity of the scandinavian style where less is more. It is a style I think, that can be carried over for years.

What do you think of this style? Maybe your main bedroom is overdue for a makeover.

Products pictured* Left to right.

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