Weekend Comfort in Style

The weekends are all about comfort for me. My signature looks is jeans, white tee and a pair of kicks.

Sometimes it’s hard to transition to comfort in such cold weather that I can’t bear to wear boots on the weekend. Especially having to face a work week of what to wear to the office, it’s tiresome and tedious.

So a pair of sneakers always helps me ease into the weekend. I’m on the lookout for more sneakers at the moment that I can wear in the last cold days of winter and carry through into summer.

Whether it’s a high-top or canvas sneakers, you can do no wrong.

Spotted these sneakers online:


  1. Weekend

1. Converse Hi Top Sneakers. R769, Zando.
2. Leopard print canvas. R250, Woolworths.
3. Superga Yellow Sneakers. R599, Spree.
4. Nike Purple Sneakers. R649, Zando.
5. Converse All Star Silver Hi Top. R1099, Zando.
6. Superga classic canvas sneakers. R599, Spree.
7. Nike Black High Canvas. R699, Zando.
8. Soviet Hi Top Sneakers. R295, Spree.

What do you like wearing on the weekend?

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