The opening of CrestAquarium

Over the past two years, CrestAquarium has been quite the project.

It is the first of its kind in South Africa, Cresta Shopping Centre is the only shopping hub to boast an impressive inland aquarium.

The purpose of the CrestAquarium is to educate people of the plight of the oceans. It also brings marine life closer to us inland folk as well as others that have never had the opportunity to visit South Africa’s coastal aquariums. Something that is often taken for granted.


In partnership with the Dyer Island Conservation Trust (DICT), the CrestAquarium aims to educate people of the devastating effects of pollution in the ecosystem including the continued use of single use plastic bags and plastic straws.

Pinkey Ngewu, the Fundraising Manager of DICT spoke to the audience regarding the effects of inland pollution and its journey to the oceans.

Often it is taken for granted that the pollution along the coastlines is of no concern to inland citizens.

The best behaved plus one for the afternoon.
Adriana was intrigued to recreate her own coral reef.

Now local schools, shoppers and visitors to CrestAquarium can educate themselves about the oceans and its marine life.

Visitors can bring old plastic bottles and goods to create sea creatures.

The impressive tank is set to draw more visitors.

If there is any concern regarding the marine life, marine experts were consulted and no endangered fish are housed at CrestAquarium.


CrestAquarium is officially open to the public. Visit Cresta Shopping Centre to experience the spectacular marine life.

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