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Tali babes is back! This time around, Tali is dealing with the new changes in her life after her grand wedding to Darren in the hilarious mockumentary starring Julia Anastasopoulos (SuzelleDIY) in Tali’s Wedding Diary .   My husband and I watched the first mockumentary series back in 2017 on Showmax. A truly hilarious South African show.

So what changes exactly? Well, Tali is preggers!

We had to see how Tali will deal with the impending changes of a baby. She’s still making her mark in the influencer world but you’ll see how far she’ll go.

 Watch the trailer below:


We’re now three episodes in and have had a good laugh. I had to do a double-take in the first episode when I saw comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout without his signature mustache and infamous  “Hello Mense” videos.


You have to watch to see what Darren and Rael are up to. Specifically “a gift” that cannot freeze according to Rael. I cannot share more, you need to watch it for yourself to see what I am referring to.

I always wondered what a kugel packed in her hospital bag… Watch for yourself.


Now seriously babes, go watch  Tali’s Baby Diary on Showmax.

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