Review: No snotting around with OBEL® RespiClear®

OBEL® RespiClear® Decongestant range by Nikita Camacho Hearts in Her Shoes
There’s no snotting around with OBEL® RespiClear®. The change of season does indeed bring snotty noses. We may have waved goodbye to winter, but not to congestion just yet.

As a family living in Joburg with sinuses, it seems like congestion is second nature to us.

When introduced to the OBEL® RespiClear® Decongestant range,  we have noticed a significant difference since using the range.

I enjoy using the vapour rub while I use a combination of the vapour rub and the OBEL® RespiClear® Decongestant Nebs on Adriana. I place it in the nebuliser and we’re good to go.

OBEL® RespiClear® Decongestant range by Nikita Camacho Hearts in Her Shoes

Another factor OBEL® RespiClear® Decongestant range is that it is South Africa’s first steroid-free nebs.

So what does this mean?

Well for starters, the OBEL® RespiClear® Decongestant range works efficiently and the decongestant nebs are available over-the-counter (OTC) with no prescription

Making it easy to buy when you desperately need it.

As a Schedule 0 range, it is suitable for the whole family.

Purchase the OBEL® RespiClear® Decongestant from selected pharmacies and Takealot.

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