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As much as I love my long hair sometimes, it can also be a drag with what to do with it. The thought of a cute pixie haircut crosses my mind until I remember that I’d have to style my hair regardless of its length.

For the days that I’m too lazy to straighten my hair, wear it in a boring ponytail.

Here are some alternatives for a lazy hair day that I’ve tried myself:

Messy Pony


Breathe some life into your regular go-to ponytail. Brush your hair higher on the crown of your head, tease and mess the rest of your hair slightly then top it off with some hairspray.

Have you tried already? Do one better and try the…

Super long ponytail

No need for hair pieces to give your ponytail enviable length for days. It’s all about the illusion with a double ponytail and some volume.

Braided Duo


This crown braid completely with a fishtail is one of favourite lazy hairstyles. I do it so often, that I do while I’m lazing on the couch and I don’t feel like putting much effort or time to do my hair.

Subtle braids


This I do when I let my hair air dry as it has a natural soft boho wave. To do it up a little, I add thin braids here and there.

Hair Jewels

Let’s take the level of hair laziness up a notch. Try hair accessories like headpieces. I love boho headpieces. It’s minimal effort which I love.

Braided crowns


I achieve this braid in a simply way. I braid a plait by one of my temples (make sure it’s a long section of hair) and then I pull it across my head whilst securing it behind my ear with a bobby pin.

What are your favourite lazy go-to hairstyles? I’d love to know, comment below or tweet me @heartnikita.

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