Do you have Hair Envy?

Hi my name is Nikita and I suffer from chronic hair envy! I’ve had many hairstyles and have experimented with some hair colour too.

I had highlights like the Spice Girls at 9; layered haircut like the Olsen Twins; the Rachel haircut;  short haircut that I’d spike in the back and flatten my fringe (I know it sounds bad, but I was really into Margaret Van Der Westhuizen’s hairstyle from season one of Big Brother SA ). I wasn’t shy to experiment with my hair.

Jennifer Aniston sporting the infamous “Rachel” hairstyle.

When I left high school, I was able to experiment with hair colour again. I was a colour chameleon.  Red; bronde; blonde; highlights you name it.

Over the past six months I’d be toying with the idea of a lob aka a long bob. My hair was almost waist length and the moment I suggested that I wanted to cut my hair, the family would freak.  Apparently my husband loves long hair, or so I think because he wasn’t into the idea at all.  Not that his opinion ever stopped me from doing something.

My hair envy levels goes into overload when I see the Kardashian sisters, Kourtney and Khloe. One second I want sleek black hair like Kourtney, the next second I’m envying Khloe highlighted lob. Then Chicago PD’s Sophia Bush and Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland  hairstyles are staring me down as I watch the shows.

Sophia Bush
Sarah Hyland

What’s a girl obsessed with hair to do?

Fast forward to sitting in my hairdresser’s chair and I told her my hair woes. So the decision was made on condition that my ponytail would be donated to CANSA and that I could get a fresh start with my hair as I’d experienced some hair loss and damage.

Off came the long pony, and in came the fun of playing with short hair. Am I sorry? Of course not.  It’s hair and it will grow back, it’s not my first time with short locks.

Do I still suffer from hair envy? Of course I do. Now I’m looking at mermaid length hair and lilac hair.  I’ve been wanting to do the lilac route for some time but my peanut gallery has had some comments of course. Only time will tell if I do the pastel colour.

So if you see me looking at your hair, I’m not trying to be weird I’m just admiring your hair.



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