Friday Favourites: Cinderella Shoes

Last week caught me off guard, I spent the week with Adriana in hospital. Not to worry, she’s on the mend. So by the time she was discharged from hospital, Friday was halfway done and we had no electricity. It was a sign to just switch off.

This week flew by quickly. The independent schools are back at school so my holiday is officially over. *sigh* I can’t believe how quickly a month of holidays went.

On the upside, I’m glad the weather is  little warmer and we’ve had a bit of rain. Yay!

Kick off your shoes and sink into the weekend with this week’s Friday Favourites.


Available at 2A at Hyde Park.

These little beauties are amazing! I’d imagine Cinderella wearing these to the ball. I’d love a pair but I need to find a ball to attend.


Cotton On Body have launched their swimwear for the season.  I love that you can choose what print you love in the shape that you like. If you shop it online, the website filters the swimwear according to the shape that you prefer. I just need to book a summer trip then I’ll have a good excuse for more costumes.


This Californian dad has quickly raked up over 250 000 followers on Instagram with his cute and funny antics with his little girl, Zoe.  Follow him @sbsolly to laugh at the fun these two have.

FAVORUITE COLLECTABLES: Suprizamals Care Bears Collection

I stumbled across these by accident at Checkers. You select a ball and open up to see which Care Bear it is. With reboot of this classic, I was excited to show Adriana the Care Bears as I watched it at her age.


To be honest I’m not completely sold yet on this trend. Maybe it’ll happen or not. Although I do like this one from Mr P for R99.99. It just brings back memories of me rocking a Barbie moon bag (because that’s what they were called them in the 90s) as roller-skated  outside.

What favourite caught your eye this week, let me know!


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2 thoughts on “Friday Favourites: Cinderella Shoes

    1. Hey Zanele,

      You best bet would be contacting the store 2A at Hyde Park Shopping Centre. They are the official stockists of Christian Louboutin.

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