Friday Favourites: Skin Functional

Some independent schools went back to school this week which I can imagine is a major relief for parents.  I am grateful that my daughter is  at school because it’s tough working full-time at home while juggling everything else.

I won’t lie, the stress easily translates to breakouts.

Speaking about breakouts…

Favourite Skin Product: Skin Functional

Skin Functional is a beauty brand that I am unfamiliar with. So when they contacted me, I thought that my skincare routine needs an upgrade. Also this week of wearing masks almost the whole day at work has really aggravated my skin. I’ve started a 30 day challenge for my skin with Skin Functional’s Blemish Control and Vitamin A. These are serum-based products and are easily absorbed. I’ll keep you up to date with my progress.

Favourite Laugh: Nandos 

Nandos is always on the ball with their marketing. Their recent ad really had me laughing out loud. With the arrival of the vaccine on South African shores, people have been vocal with their opinions, some spanning from all sorts of conspiracy theories to their own cure to COVID-19.

Well, all the recently qualified “virologists”  continue sharing “their findings” on Facebook.  Get some chips, better yet Nandos’ peri-peri chips are a favourite in our home.

Order Nandos with Uber Eats 

Favourite Romantic Spot: Picnique Pallet


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Admit it, whether you think it’s a hallmark holiday, you do love to be spoiled on Valentines’ Day. Why not try a private supper?

If you want a private dinner party for Valentines’ Day or any party, you can hire a variety of picnic themes. Support the newly established Picnique Pallet business in Jo’burg.

Favourite imaginary play: Totem Teeppee

How cute is this fire?! Adriana loves imaginary play. She’s always having picnics and tea parties. The latest is “Restaurant, Restaurant” where she takes my order and I must be the customer. Totem Teepee recently announced a range extension which includes this fire. I’m sure I’ll have to buy an endless supply of marshmallows for her play fire by her Totem Teepee.

Favourite Sandals: Saint&Summer



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I’m a sucker for a great pair of brown sandals for warmer weather. This locally produced brand, SAINT&SUMMER boosts a trendy range that you’ll be ordering from soon. I do believe that we need to support local businesses because we are blessed with great talent. Supporting small businesses has positive effects in our communities. Supporting local, creates jobs and supports families.

Share with me your Friday Favourites from this week.

Happy Friday lovelies x

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