DIY Chevron Print Chairs

Moving out of home may seem like a somewhat scary time. However, I think the sooner you are able to support yourself and take that big step…You won’t be sorry.

For me came the perks of decorating the place according to my own free will. Being an avid Pinterest user and Internet surfer, my virtual mood boards were bursting to become a reality.

I wanted to mix the furniture up in the lounge and decided that chevron was the way to go.

The best part of this DIY project? It cost me under R120 (roughly under $12) to refurbish two old wooden chairs.

What I needed:
-Unwanted furniture in dire need of TLC
-Chevron print material
-Screw driver
-Electric sander
-Sand paper
-Staple gun
-Gripseal Wood sealant
-Paint brushes


How did I do it?

I adopted two wooden chairs from my grandmother which was collecting dust in the garage.

I then enlisted my boyfriend Jarred as my DIY helper for this. So we stripped the chairs of its pillows. It was simple to do as the pillows were secured with several screws.

After removing the pillows from chairs, my very helpful boyfriend sanded the chairs with the electric sander to remove the old weathered varnish. It was a quicker alternative to me sand the chairs down with sheets of sand paper.

We did use sand paper to sand the hard to reach corners and grooves of the chair.

Once the sanding was complete, I wiped the chair down to remove the excess dust from the sanding process and began vanishing the chairs.

The Gripseal wood sealant (available from Builder’s Warehouse for R79.99) works both as a stain and a varnish. I wanted the chairs to be dark so I chose the colour, Indonesian Teak. Jarred and I coated the chairs thrice as the instructions suggested with 30 minute intervals.

After the chairs were ready and as good as new, I measured the my chevron print material and started covering the pillows.

Since the pillows were still in good condition, I just covered the pillows with my new fabric using a staple gun.

Soon my newly covered pillows were complete and my boyfriend had put the chairs back together.

Now I can enjoy my décor obsession of chevron with my newly furnished chairs.


Are you obsessed with chevron print like me ? Let me know.

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