Hello dear April

April, a new month a fresh start for some, I for one am looking forward to mid-April as it’s the Easter holidays. Long weekends and late mornings are the best for me.

Actually it’s only second best to going away for the holidays but I’ll take the late mornings anyway.
I’m trying to convince myself that staying in Jo’burg for the Easter holidays is alright. It’s okay that I won’t be a part of the masses descending onto the coastal towns.

Easter Eating
Staying in Jo’burg for Easter means two things for this Portuguese girl… Eating bacalhau and binging on Easter eggs.
On Good Friday we usually gather at my grandmother’s house to eat Bacalhau better known as codfish.

My favourite is Bacalhau com Natas to be exact. So it’s codfish with cream.I don’t know how to make it yet but perhaps this recipe will do the trick. Trust me when I say it’s good!

Bacalhau com natas recipe


To Wedding Expo or not…

Besides looking forward to the Easter break The Wedding Expo is coming up soon.

I’ve never been before and rather feel sceptical to joining bridezillas as they “oooh” and “aaah” over wedding details while their significant other trails behind bagging every pamphlet that’s handed to them.

Is it a supposed rite of passage or just an excuse for vendors and giddy brides to unite?

I’d like to see what I actually need to do to prepare for our wedding but a mass of people at an expo doesn’t really entice me. I’ll have to get back to you on that one…

Perhaps living after that mayhem I might need some time in the sun so the closest beach will be Sun City.

In between the public holidays and Easter I think catching some rays whilst sipping cocktails might be a reasonable substitute for staying home.

What else should I try this April while staying in Gauteng for Easter?

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